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Dear Rev. Susan, 
 I appreciate your writing to me. I have known Robert Knight for many years. Most recently he performed a major miracle in bringing back to life the Robert Morton organ in San Diego's Symphony Hall, which most people had declared permanently unplayable. Not only did he reconnect all the severed wiring and repair relays and reservoirs; he actually brought the organ up to A-440 (it was formerly A-435) so that we were able to use it in six performances of Strauss’ Also Sprach Zarathustra with the full Symphony.  I demonstrated the revived organ for the Music Director of the SD Symphony, members of the Symphony Board, and interested friends in the community. They were totally amazed at how good it sounded, and are now formally involved in a program to full restore and expand the instrument into a worthy partner of the San Diego Symphony. Without Mr. Knight's vision, extraordinary organ skills, and dedication, we would probably be installing a digital organ in the hall. 
 His reputation around town is the best. He does in fact do what he promises. He is thorough. He works tirelessly to finish the job on time. His number one employee is one of the finest organ builders I know. They seem to be able to do what most people deem can't be done. He is a specialist in bringing new life to older organs. I can't imagine you finding anyone better to do your work. 

 Robert Plimpton